The following is a list of successful past Mars missions, as well as currently operating and planned future missions. A more complete list of all Mars missions may be found here.


Mariner 6, 7, 9

Mars 2

Viking Mission (1975-1982)

Mars Global Surveyor (1996-2007)

Mars Pathfinder (1996-1998)

Phoenix Mission (2007-2008)


2001 Mars Odyssey (2001-)

Mars Express (2003-)

Mars Exploration Rovers, Spirit (RIP) and Opportunity (2003-)

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (2006-)

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Rover, Curiosity (2011-)


MAVEN Orbiter (2013)

InSight Lander (2016)

ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter and EDM (2016)

ExoMars Rover (2018)

NASA Mars Rover (2020)

Mars Sample Return (2020s?)